Friday, November 5, 2010

3rd Ave at 9th St, Stuyvesant St, 1856

An 1856 view down Stuyvesant Street from the Cooper Union Foundation Building. The steeple of St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery can be seen in the background (center) and the Baptist Tabernacle is just to the right, across Second Avenue.

NYPL Digital Gallery

Ninth Street Bread N Cake Bakery
NYPL Digital Gallery

c. 1860, looking north from 9th Street along the east side of 3rd Avenue. The Bread N Cake Bakery can be seen to the right.
NYPL Digital Gallery

An overhead view from a similar position as the first photo c. mid-1950's.  Note that 172 East 9th Street is still standing nearly 100 years later.  Also note long-time business Kamenstein Bros. Hardware on the corner of Stuyvesant St.--Is it coincidental that another paint business was near that site in 1856?
By the El, by Lawrence Stelter

Street level, looking east, c. 1895. Although the Bread N Cake Bakery sign no longer appears, the distinctive double-chimney building remains on the left.
King's Photographic Views of New York

Looking west, c. 1940. Note the 3rd Avenue El station, the Bible House (center) and the Wanamaker's Building (background).
NYPL Digital Gallery

Looking west, c. mid-1950's.  Note the striking red brick of the Bible House, and the direct line of sight along Stuyvesant Street through Astor Place.
By the El, by Lawrence Stelter

See this view today (Google Maps).


Richard said...

I walk through that intersection nearly every day, having lived here nearly forty years...and seeing the El station there in these photos is just brain-twisting.

pinhead said...

@Richard Bensam
The first time I saw that color photo I just stared for an hour. Be sure to click to expand it to full size--lots of detail.